Yongjian - The use of each mold of stainless steel pipe making machine

January 05, 2024

Pipe mold, as the name suggested, it is the mold used to produce pipes.

What is the use of stainless steel pipe making machine mold: It can not only produce regular stainless steel round pipes, 

stainless steel square pipes can also produce various special-shaped pipes, such as plum pipes, fan pipes, oval pipes and so on.

Stainless steel pipe making machine

In terms of production, stainless steel pipe making machine is mainly used for the production of decorative and industrial stainless steel and carbon steel (round pipe, square pipe, shaped pipe) equipment, stainless steel pipe production is mainly through uncoiler, forming, welding, grinding, sizing, straightening, sizing, cutting and other processes.

In terms of use, stainless steel pipe making machine is widely used in the production of stainless steel anti-theft doors and Windows, stair handrails, car exhaust pipes, silencer tailpipes, ship pipes, food hygiene pipes, fluid pipes, water pipes, clamp stainless steel pipes, heat exchangers and other stainless steel pipes.

Round Pipe Moulding: 

This mold is used to produce stainless steel pipes with a circular cross-section. 

It is the most commonly used mold for making pipes of various diameters and thicknesses.

Square Pipe Moulding: 

This mold is used to manufacture square-shaped stainless steel pipes. 

It is widely used in construction, furniture, and other industries where square pipes are needed.

Rectangular Pipe Moulding: 

This mold is specifically designed for producing stainless steel pipes with a rectangular cross-section. 

It is commonly used in architecture, structural engineering, and manufacturing of frames or supports.

Oval Pipe Moulding: 

The oval pipe mold is used for creating stainless steel pipes with an oval or elliptical shape. 

These pipes are often used in decorative applications, such as handrails or balcony railings.

Special Shape Moulding: 

This mold is used to manufacture stainless steel pipes with unique or custom shapes based on specific requirements. 

It allows for the production of pipes with non-standard cross-sections, catering to various specialized industries.

Each mold has its unique design and specifications, tailored to the desired pipe shape and size. 

The selection of the appropriate mold depends on the intended application and the customer's requirements. 😊👌

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