Why does the stainless steel on the pipe making machine rust?

January 04, 2024

Stainless steel typically resists rusting due to its composition, which includes chromium that forms a protective oxide layer on the surface. 

However, several factors can contribute to rusting in stainless steel on a pipe-making machine:


Exposure to chloride ions, often from salts or cleaning agents, can break down the protective oxide layer and promote rust formation.

Mechanical Damage: 

Scratches, abrasions, or other forms of mechanical damage can compromise the stainless steel's protective layer, making it more susceptible to rust.

Poor Quality Stainless Steel: 

If the stainless steel used in the pipe-making machine is of low quality or doesn't meet industry standards, it may be more prone to corrosion.

Harsh Environmental Conditions: 

Extreme environmental conditions, such as high humidity or exposure to harsh chemicals, can accelerate corrosion on stainless steel surfaces.

Lack of Maintenance: 

Regular cleaning and maintenance help preserve the protective oxide layer. Neglecting these activities can lead to rusting over time.

To prevent rusting, it's essential to use high-quality stainless steel, minimize exposure to corrosive elements, conduct regular maintenance, and ensure proper cleaning procedures are followed.

Three Easy Ways of Maintenance of pipe making machine

(1) Ensure to clean the exterior surface of the machine before and after use.

  1. It is a way of keeping it free from dirt and dust.

(2) Ensure to lubricate all the parts that need lubrication before use.

(3) Ensure to check and adjust the electromotor appropriately.

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