Yongjian - What are the Important Forming Parts in the Welding Pipe Making Machine?

May 10, 2024

In a welding pipe machine, there are several important forming parts that play key roles in the process of creating high-quality welded pipes. 

Some of the essential forming parts include:

Entry Section: 

This part guides the material (usually a strip of metal) into the machine where the forming process begins.

Forming Section: 

In this section, the strip of metal is gradually shaped into a cylindrical form using rollers, dies, or mandrels to achieve the desired pipe diameter and shape.

Welding Section: 

The welding section joins the edges of the metal strip together to form a continuous seam along the length of the pipe. 

This can be done through various welding techniques such as high-frequency induction welding or arc welding.

Cooling Section: 

After the welding process, the pipe needs to be cooled down to ensure that the seam weld solidifies properly and the pipe maintains its shape.

Sizing Section: 

This part of the machine is responsible for accurately sizing the pipe by reducing its diameter to meet the required specifications. 

Sizing rolls or cages are commonly used for this purpose.

Cutting Section: 

The cutting section is where the welded pipe is cut to the required length using saws or other cutting tools.

Straightening Section: 

This part straightens out any deformities or bends in the pipe to ensure it meets the necessary straightness criteria.

Testing Section: 

Some welding pipe machines have built-in testing equipment to inspect the welded seams for defects or inconsistencies. 

Non-destructive testing methods such as ultrasonic testing or electromagnetic testing may be used for this purpose.

Each of these forming parts is essential for the successful production of high-quality welded pipes with consistent dimensions and structural integrity. 

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