Roller Set / Mouldings are the important part for Pipe Making Machine

September 12, 2023
Roller Set / Mouldings are the important part for Pipe Making Machine

🔧 Roller sets and moldings are essential components of pipe making machines. 

They work together to produce tubes of different sizes. 

Each set of rollers is designed to create a specific tube size.

👷‍♂️ The roller sets consist of a series of rollers that are carefully designed and positioned. 

These rollers guide and shape the metal or plastic material being used to create the tube.

⚙️ The moldings, on the other hand, are specific molds or templates that determine the shape and dimensions of the tube being produced. 

They are made from high-quality materials to ensure precise and consistent tube formation.

📏 When setting up the pipe making machine for a specific tube size, the appropriate roller set and molding are selected. 

The rollers are installed in the machine, and the molding is positioned accordingly.

✅ Once everything is in place, the machine operator feeds the raw material into the machine, and it passes through the rollers and moldings. 

The rollers shape the material, while the moldings ensure the desired tube dimensions.

📐 Different roller sets and moldings are required to produce tubes of varying diameters and shapes. 

The machine operator needs to change the roller set and molding whenever they want to manufacture a different tube size.

📈 The versatility of roller sets and moldings allows pipe making machines to produce a wide range of tube sizes to meet different industry needs. 

This flexibility makes them crucial components in the pipe manufacturing process.

When it comes to the materials commonly used for mouldings, two popular options are SKD11 and Cr12Mov:

SKD11: It is a high-carbon, high-chromium alloy tool steel with excellent toughness and wear resistance. 

SKD11 is known for its ability to maintain a sharp cutting edge even under high-temperature conditions. 

It is often chosen for its durability and long service life.

Cr12Mov: This is a tool steel with a high hardness and excellent abrasion resistance. 

Cr12Mov features good toughness and superior dimensional stability, making it suitable for high-precision applications. 

It is commonly used in the production of mouldings for pipe making machines.

Both SKD11 and Cr12Mov exhibit properties that make them suitable for withstanding the demanding conditions of the pipe making process, including high temperatures, pressure, and abrasion.

In summary, roller sets and mouldings are integral components of pipe making machines. 

They allow for the production of tubes in various sizes, and materials like SKD11 and Cr12Mov are commonly used due to their durability, toughness, and wear resistance. 

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