Essential Differences of Stainless Steel Pipe in-line Bright Solution Annealing and Common Annealing

January 03, 2024

Essential Differences of Stainless Steel Pipe in-line Bright Solution Anneling and common Annealing For Pipe Making Machine

Online bright solution and annealing are our more commonly used stainless steel pipe processes, these two stainless steel pipe processes are actually heat treatment of stainless steel pipes. 

So what's the difference between them? 

Let's take a look at the online bright solution and annealing process of stainless steel pipes.

1. In-line Bright Solution Anneling

Online bright solid solution refers to the heat treatment process of heating the stainless steel tube to a solid solution state at about 1100 degrees Celsius, 

and maintaining a constant temperature, so that the carbide is completely or basically dissolved, 

and then quickly cooling the stainless steel tube to room temperature to obtain carbon supersaturated solid solution. 

This process will improve the toughness and corrosion resistance of the stainless steel pipe, relieve stress and soften in order to continue processing or forming. 

Solid solutions are generally used in products that require mechanical properties for stainless steel pipes. 

In other words, the online solid solution is a process in the manufacture of stainless steel pipes, which is conducive to the later bending, flaring, shrinking and other processes of stainless steel pipes.

2. Common Annealing

Annealing generally refers to a heat treatment process. 

In which the stainless steel tube is slowly heated to a certain temperature, kept long enough, and then slowly cooled (usually with a furnace cooling). 

The purpose of annealing stainless steel tubes is to reduce hardness and improve workability. Eliminate residual stress, stabilize size, reduce deformation and crack tendency; 

It is a stainless steel pipe heat treatment process for refining grain, adjusting structure and eliminating structural defects. 

At the same time, the annealing is divided into ordinary annealing and bright annealing. Ordinary annealing is annealing without a protective gas. 

Bright annealing is annealing in the protective gas state.


In-line bright solution annealing: The primary purpose of this process is to restore the corrosion resistance and mechanical properties of the stainless steel pipe. 

It is typically performed in a continuous production line.

Common annealing: 

Common annealing aims to improve the ductility of the stainless steel pipe and reduce its hardness. It is usually carried out in batches or individual pieces.


In-line bright solution annealing: 

This process involves heating the stainless steel pipe to temperatures above its recrystallization temperature but below its melting point. 

The specific temperature varies depending on the type of stainless steel being treated.

Common annealing: 

The stainless steel pipe is heated to a temperature slightly higher than its critical temperature and then subjected to a slow cooling process to achieve the desired annealed state.


In-line bright solution annealing: 

After heating, the stainless steel pipe is rapidly cooled using water or other quenching methods to achieve a bright, scale-free surface finish.

Common annealing: 

The cooling process during common annealing is usually slower and more controlled. 

It may involve air cooling or a controlled furnace cooling to achieve the desired properties.

Resulting properties:

In-line bright solution annealing: 

This process leads to a bright, shiny surface finish, improved corrosion resistance, and enhanced mechanical properties of the stainless steel pipe. 

It is commonly used in applications where aesthetics and corrosion resistance are crucial, such as decorative or sanitary pipes.

Common annealing: 

Common annealing results in reduced hardness, improved ductility, and increased machinability of the stainless steel pipe. 

It is often employed in applications that require extensive forming or bending, such as structural components or industrial pipes.

The difference between online bright solution and annealing is that online bright solution treatment is a series of treatments to improve the mechanical properties 

and hardness of the material, while annealing is only a heat treatment step of heat treatment and stress relief. 

In general, in order to improve production efficiency, make the welded pipe surface bright, and produce high-quality stainless steel pipes,

 it is necessary to implement online bright solution treatment methods, and sublimate the performance of stainless steel pipes in one step. 

So, in a sense they have a connection, but in fact online bright solution is an upgraded version of annealing. 

Overall, the choice between in-line bright solution annealing and common annealing for Tube Making Machine depends on the specific requirements of the stainless steel pipe and its intended application. 😊

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