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Pipe Moulds/Roller Set

Pipe Moulds/Roller Set

Application of Pipe Moulds
Molud known as the "100 industry mother", is in the external force under the blank to become a specific shape and size of the production of the tool. The mold is a precision tool, the shape of complex, bear the blank of the expansion force, the structural strength, stiffness, surface hardness, surface roughness and processing accuracy have a higher demand for mold production level of development is one of the important indicators of the level of machinery manufacturing.
Stainless steel pipe mould, also known as roll, pipe die, is the production of stainless steel pipe essential parts, the value of the pipe system equipment, there is no time, only the workmanship of the mold to be able to produce first-class pipe. Welded pipe mold is not only the main hub of stainless steel pipe equipment, but also determine the shape of stainless steel tube and the size of the main accessories. The types of pipe molds are round tube mold, square tube mold, plum tube mold, oval tube mold, fan tube mold, P Plus tube mold and so on. Excellent pipe mold through the selection of fine raw materials and superb mature processing techniques, you can do high precision, small error, to solve the formation of pipe uneven, the angle is not good, the production process of the strain, wrinkling, fingerprints, mechanical pattern , Diagonal, concave angle and other defects, and the shape and position tolerance roundness control within ± 0.05mm, square tube diagonal error does not exceed ± 0.05mm.

Feature Description
Wear-resistance, the overall hardness of 61~63HRC is processed by CNC system with high precision. The square tube has a flat surface and a pointed tip, and the surface is polished to reach the mirror surface. The products produced by our factory mold can reach the feel of the round tube, the roundness is within ±0.05mm; the square tube plane, the diagonal angle does not exceed ±0.05mm.

Technical Parameters

After-Sales Service
* Provide customers with a reasonable investment plan, filter the appropriate models recommended to customers.
* Free equipment drawings, customer plant equipment planning drawings.
* Provide the base map required for installation free of charge.
* Provide equipment installation and commissioning until the buyer operates normally.
* Provide professional technical training, as soon as possible to allow the buyer's operator to master the operation and use of the equipment.
* Provide and coordinate auxiliary equipment, accessories, and consumables.
* The warranty period is one year, except man-damage.If you have any question in operation in operating the machines, you can call us or send emails, we will solve the problem for you asap.