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Decorative Pipe Making Machine

Decorative Pipe Making Machine

Application of Decorative Stainless Steel Welded Pipe Making Machine
It is mainly used for the production of stainless steel pipes and carbon steel pipes for decoration, products and household appliances. After the mold of this series is molded, the round tube, square tube and rectangular tube can be pulled out, and the special-shaped tube such as elliptical tube, semi-circular tube and plum tube can also be produced.

Feature Description
The Decorative Stainless Steel Welded Pipe Making Machine has high precision, stable performance, high yield, simple operation, durability, firm machine, continuous production, high efficiency, less material waste and low production cost.

Production Process
Through the continuous forming process of unwinding, feeding guide, forming, welding, external weld grinding, shaping and sizing, final sizing, straightening, cut-off, and material feeding, the structure is fine and the operation is simple.

Technical Parameters

After-Sales Service

* Provide customers with a reasonable investment plan, filter the appropriate models recommended to customers.
* Free equipment drawings, customer plant equipment planning drawings.
* Provide the base map required for installation free of charge.
* Provide equipment installation and commissioning until the buyer operates normally.
* Provide professional technical training, as soon as possible to allow the buyer's operator to master the operation and use of the equipment.
* Provide and coordinate auxiliary equipment, accessories, and consumables.
* The warranty period is one year, except man-damage.If you have any question in operation in operating the machines, you can call us or send emails, we will solve the problem for you asap.