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Do you had building an independent factory?

We have our own factory.Our company is based on the original factory and birth out the professional sales company.

What kind of services can you give us?

1.Pre-sale can be targetd to give some constructive comments.
2.Develop a specific plan for your needs.
3.After-sales reference to specific products, different with different service. Refer to the specific product description.


What does the whole metal pipe making machine include?

The whole welded pipe production line contains raw material uncoiler, forming and welding mill, pipe cutting machine, pipe unloading table.

Is there any other equipment buyer need to purchase?

Buyer need to purchase some spare parts such as bearing, magnet bars for welding, saw blades for cutting, which is necessary in the later production. Buyer also need to purchase eletric wires for connection, water pump for recycling water and material for making machine foundation, etc. We can also provide buyers with everything if buyer want one-stop service.

What is the difference between you and other Chinese suppliers? What is the advantage?

1.We are sale enterprise, but we have our own factory. Products quality can be promise.
2.We can feedback the process at any time, making you to stay at home will be able to clear in the heart.
3.We have 20 years technology experience.
4.If conditions permitting, we can provide the appropiate services at any time.


If we provide parameter requirement, can be customized?

 We provide the corresponding customized services, as long as you provide the appropriate drawings and product requirements can be fine.

How long about your delivery time? Can be delivered on time?

Our leading time varies according to order quantity, at usually is 30-45 days. After Contracts, we will delivery products on time.

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