Titanium tube in military Applications

March 04, 2024

The difference between titanium pipe production line and stainless steel pipe production line is mainly caused by the particularity of titanium metal.

The main difference between titanium metal:

1. Material performance

(1) The specific strength is high, the specific strength (strength to weight ratio) of the general industrial titanium tube is very high in the metal structural materials, 

the strength and iron plate is equivalent, but the weight is only 57% of the iron tube;

(2) Strong heat and low temperature resistance, and good strength and stability will be maintained in the atmosphere of 500 ° C. 

And has good low temperature resistance, even in the ultra-low temperature of -250℃, it has a high impact strength, can withstand high pressure and vibration;

(3) The chlorine evolution potential is low and the overpotential is small. Under the current density of 2000A/m2, the chlorine gas discharge potential is not more than 1.12V, 

and the overpotential is less than 20mv;

(4) polarizability less than 30mv/10 unit current density;

(5) Long strengthening life of 0.5NH2SO4, 1A/cm2 current density, life greater than 1500 minutes;

(6) Another significant feature is strong corrosion resistance, because of its great affinity for oxygen, it can generate a dense oxide film on its surface, which can protect titanium

It is corroded by medium and has good stability, which is better than the corrosion resistance of existing stainless steel and other non-ferrous metals.

2. Application field

The scope of application and the field is very wide, the current industrial titanium tube not only in the aerospace, aviation industry has a very important application, 

and has been widely used in many industrial sectors such as chemical, petroleum, light industry, power generation. 

With the continuous progress of equipment manufacturing technology in China, titanium equipment and materials are applied

The domain will continue to expand.

3. Price

The price of titanium tubes is at least 15 times that of stainless steel tubes.

4. Quality requirements

The titanium pipe must be treated with bright solution, and the precision requirements and weld quality requirements of the pipe are higher than that of the stainless steel pipe.

Combining these particularities of titanium tubes, the difference between titanium tube production line and stainless steel tube production line is as follows:

1. different production line layout, high processing accuracy requirements;

2. The design principle of titanium tube die is completely different from that of stainless steel tube die, and the material used in the die is also different;

3. titanium steel quality is special, so it is different from stainless steel welding characteristics, special welding methods must be used to ensure the quality of the weld;

4. the titanium pipe production line has a high degree of automation to ensure that the finished product rate of titanium pipe production is reduced, reducing the error caused by human operation;

5. titanium pipe production line needs online detection system and fault alarm system.

Application of titanium tubes in various industries

1. Titanium tube in military applications

A typhoon class nuclear submarine, titanium tube in the military industry has a very broad use. 

A large number of titanium tubes are used in nuclear powered submarines, hydrofoils, mortars, anti-tank missiles, missile launchers, tank protective plates, bulletproof vests, etc. 

According to the information, the amount of titanium pipes is as high as 9,000 tons, which shows that the military has a huge demand for titanium pipes.

2. The application of titanium tubes in aerospace

The amount of titanium tubes used in civil aircraft accounts for about 2025% of the weight of the frame, 

in addition to strategic rocket engines, spacecraft, satellite antennas are also a large number of titanium tubes. 

Titanium tubes are widely used in the aviation industry.

3. The application of titanium tubes in the Marine industry

Titanium pipes have corrosion resistance that other metals can not be compared, and can withstand high-speed erosion corrosion in seawater, especially in seawater. 

At present, the United States, Japan, France and other countries have developed a variety of advanced titanium control deep submarine, submarine, undersea laboratory equipment for Marine research. 

In addition, coastal power stations, offshore oil production equipment, seawater desalination, Marine chemical production, mariculture and other industries are widely used titanium control equipment and devices.

4. Chemical applications

The type of equipment has been developed from small and single to large and diversified. 

According to the chemical industry department, the current application of titanium tube equipment has expanded from the original soda ash and caustic soda industry to the entire chemical industry. 

The annual use of titanium tubes in the chemical industry will exceed 1,500 tons. 

After the 1970s and 1980s, the national vacuum salt production enterprises gradually began to use titanium tube metal data manufacturing equipment, and the corrosion of the equipment was greatly improved.

5. Applications in petroleum refining

Sulfide, chloride and other corrosives in oil processing products and cooling water are seriously corroded in oil refining units, 

especially the condensing equipment at the top of the atmospheric and vacuum tower at low temperature light oil parts. 

Equipment corrosion has become one of the prominent problems troubling the oil refining industry. 

In recent years, the United States, Japan and other countries have introduced titanium control equipment into these high-corrosion links, and achieved good results.

6. Applications in the automotive industry

The application of titanium tubes in racing cars has a history of many years, and the lightweight and high-strength properties of titanium tubes have long been concerned by automobile manufacturers. 

At present, almost all racing cars use titanium pipes, Japanese automotive titanium pipes have more than 600 tons, with the development of the global automotive industry, automotive titanium pipes are still increasing rapidly.

7. Applications in medicine

Metal implantation in the human body is a very rare surgical procedure, with the improvement of medical technology. Because titanium tube metal has a weak rejection reaction with human tissue, 

it is widely used in artificial bones, artificial joints, artificial teeth and other human implants. 

In addition, the application of titanium tubes in pharmaceutical machinery and medical devices has also been further understood, and the future demand cannot be underestimated.

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