TIG electrodes (tungsten needles) are a crucial component in Pipe Making Machine

December 25, 2023

TIG electrodes, also known as tungsten needles, are a crucial component in Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) welding machines, which are widely used in the Pipe Making Machine.

TIG welding is a popular welding process that uses an arc generated between a non-consumable tungsten electrode and the workpiece to create a weld. 

The tungsten electrode serves as the heat source, while an inert gas, typically argon, is used to shield the welding area from atmospheric contamination.

Here are some key details about TIG electrodes:


TIG electrodes are primarily made from tungsten, a rare metal known for its high melting point and excellent electrical conductivity. 

Tungsten has the ability to withstand the extreme temperatures generated during TIG welding.


TIG electrodes come in various types, differentiated by the alloy composition of the tungsten. 

The most common types include pure tungsten (classified as WP), thoriated tungsten (classified as WT), ceriated tungsten (classified as WC), 

lanthanated tungsten (classified as WL), and zirconiated tungsten (classified as WZ). 

Each type has different properties and is suitable for specific welding applications.

Color coding: 

TIG electrodes are often color-coded at the tip to indicate their type. 

For example, pure tungsten is usually color-coded green, thoriated tungsten is red, ceriated tungsten is grey, lanthanated tungsten is gold or blue, and zirconiated tungsten is brown.


The choice of TIG electrode depends on factors such as the material being welded, the welding current, and the desired welding characteristics. 

Pure tungsten is suitable for welding aluminum and magnesium alloys. Thoriated tungsten is commonly used for stainless steel and mild steel welding. 

Ceriated, lanthanated, and zirconiated tungsten are versatile options suitable for various applications.

Pointing: TIG electrodes need to be sharpened to a specific point shape before use. 

The pointing shape depends on the welding requirements and is typically categorized into three types: pointed, truncated, and balled. 

The choice of pointing shape affects arc stability, heat concentration, and electrode life.

Handling and storage: 

TIG electrodes should be handled with care to prevent contamination. 

Oils, dirt, and moisture can degrade electrode performance. 

It is advisable to store electrodes in properly sealed containers to maintain their quality.

If you have any more questions, feel free to ask. 😊👍

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