The Application of Mouldings in Pipe Making Machines

December 20, 2023

Mouldings is the important part of pipe making machine, it cooperate with the machine can produce different sizes of pipes, including roung tube, square tube, oval tube, rectangle pipes etc..

The materials of mouldings usually are SKD11, Cr12Mov, etc..

The application of mouldings in pipe making machines is vital for producing various types of pipes. 

Mouldings play a crucial role in shaping the pipes into different sizes and shapes, such as round tubes, square tubes, oval tubes, and rectangle pipes.

The mouldings are used to form the outer shape of the pipes during the manufacturing process. 

They are specifically designed and customized according to the desired specifications of the pipes. 

These mouldings determine the final dimensions, surface finish, and overall quality of the pipes being produced.

When using a pipe making machine, the die rolls are placed inside the machine and act as a template or mold for the raw materials, 

such as metal like stainless steel, copper, MS, Steel etc. to be shaped into pipes. 

The machine then applies pressure or heat to the raw materials, which conform to the shape of the mouldings, resulting in accurately formed pipes.

The application of mouldings enables manufacturers to produce pipes with precise dimensions, consistent shapes, and smooth surfaces. 

This is important because it ensures that the pipes meet the required standards and can be easily integrated into various applications, 

such as plumbing systems, construction projects, or industrial pipelines.

In conclusion, the application of mouldings in pipe making machines is fundamental for producing pipes of various sizes and shapes. 

These roller sets enable manufacturers to create high-quality pipes that meet specific requirements and can be effectively used in numerous industries.

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