Yongjian Pipe Making Machine We Highest to Control the Quality

November 13, 2023
Yongjian Pipe Making Machine We Highest to Control the Quality

We are the only manufacturer of Pipe making machine and Polishing machine that produce almost 95% of the machine by ourselves, from machine structure, bearing, shaft, mouldings, different parts even to nuts, which can highest to control the quality. 

Machine Structure: 

We design and build the machine structure in-house, ensuring that it meets your exact specifications and quality standards. 

This allows you to have full control over the design, strength, and durability of the machines.

Bearings and Shafts: 

We produce our own bearings and shafts, which are crucial components of the machines. 

By manufacturing these parts ourself, we can ensure their quality, precision, and performance.


We have the capability to create custom mouldings for your machines. 

This gives you the flexibility to adapt to different pipe dimensions and shapes, catering to the unique needs of our customers.

Different Parts: 

From electronic components to hydraulic systems, we manufacture various parts that are essential for the functioning of our machines. 

This vertical integration allows you to closely monitor the quality of each part and make any necessary improvements.


Even the smallest details matter to US! By producing our own nuts, We have control over the reliability and compatibility of the fastening elements in your machines.

Overall, our comprehensive manufacturing capabilities enable you to maintain the highest level of quality control throughout the production process. 

By producing the majority of the machine components in-house, we can ensure that our Pipe making machine and Polishing machine meet the industry's highest standards and provide reliable performance for customers. 🚀

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