Pipe Polishing Machine to get a Hairline, 4K, 6K or almost Mirror Surface

October 30, 2023

Our Round pipe polishing machine and Square pipe polishing machine can effect on the outside surface of the tubes, which you will get a Hairline surface, 4K, 6K or almost Mirror surface.

🔧 Function: 

The primary purpose of these machines is to polish the exterior surface of tubes, specifically round pipes and square pipes.

✨ Surface Finishes: 

Our machines are capable of achieving different surface finishes on the tubes, including:

1️⃣ Hairline Surface: 

This finish gives the tubes a fine, directional grain pattern, resulting in a smooth and consistent appearance.

2️⃣ 4K Surface: 

This finish provides a higher level of refinement, producing a polished surface with minimal visible grain or texture. 

It offers a reflective and modern look to the tubes.

3️⃣ 6K Surface: 

This finish represents an even higher level of refinement, with an enhanced level of reflectivity and a near-mirror-like appearance.

4️⃣ Mirror Surface: 

Our machines can also achieve an almost mirror-like surface finish, offering a highly reflective and glossy look to the tubes.


These machines are designed to work with both round pipes and square pipes, making them suitable for various applications and industries. 

They can effectively polish tubes of different sizes and stainless steel materials.

⚙️ Precision and Automation: 

Our machines incorporate advanced polishing techniques and automation features to ensure precise and consistent results. 

They are equipped with necessary controls and adjustments to achieve the desired surface finish.

📈 Advantages: 

The advantages of using our round pipe and square pipe polishing machines include:

Improved aesthetics: 

The various surface finishes available enhance the visual appeal of the tubes, making them suitable for applications where appearance matters.


The machines deliver uniform results across all tubes, ensuring consistent quality and appearance throughout the production process.

Time and cost efficiency: 

By automating the polishing process, our machines reduce manual labor and increase productivity, leading to time and cost savings.


The ability to work with both round and square pipes offers flexibility to meet diverse customer requirements.

👩‍🏭 Application Areas: 

Our machines are widely used in industries such as architecture, furniture manufacturing, automotive, decorative metalwork, and more, where high-quality, polished tube surfaces are desired.

If you have any further questions or need additional information, feel free to ask! 😊

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